New president please …

So I read this article today about how Obama was brig called out in his citizens ship and how he had a court date on January 4th . Anybody know anything about that? We can only hope that that is true and that finally he will be removed from office. I think it is absurd that he was not checked out beforehand and that they did not make him prove his citizens ship. They want to take away our right to bare arms for our “safety ” but yet we have possible “illegal ” as our president.  We already know he has ties to terrorists groups and we know he cheated his butt off in the electoral votes why is this such a stretch.  I am really just so disgusted with our government, it makes me sick. Grr….


What a joke!!

What’s this world coming too, when being good just gets u no where.  It seems like all the crappy people get all the breaks in life and all of the people who live by the rules get screwed.  Can somebody please understand.  I mean, what’s the world coming too when a married couple is better off financially if they divorce? Nick and I have played by the rules our whole life and where has it gotten us? No where. We pay over $400 in insurance premiums and yet we still have medical bills coming out our butts that we can’t afford to pay.  But yet illegals get 100% medical no questions asked. We work hard to fake care of our selves and be good people but yet we still get the short end of the stick while scumbags get everything handed to them.  But if we divorced we would be way better off. How does that make any sense?  And when Obama care kicks in we will be even worse off. It just makes me sick I just don’t get it. U would think that the hard working people would get the benefits and special programs but I guess u have to be a low life or an illegal to make in this country. And our president is doing nothing to help, he is doing everything in his power to make it worse. It really is depressing …

What’s wrong with people?

Wow! I am just completely stunned! 20 little kids had to die because some boy had mommy issues! Really! What is wrong with people?  Thank God he is dead And I hope he rots in hell. While this is tragic, brace ur selves because Obama is gonna try and use this to take away our right to bare arms. He all but said it during his press conference.  Ugh it makes me sick! Sorry this is all I can say. I am just so stunned that someone could kill little children ….

High way to hell!!!

What’s wrong with people? I was watching the news and all I see is people doing outrageous things. I mean who goes into a mall and starts shooting? If j hate ur life that much, do us all a favor and kill ur self in the privacy of ur own home. The rest of us actually like being alive! And why in gods name is the news actually telling people to think about these things happening before u leave the house? Um, seriously we should not expect to be shot every time we go to the mall. There is something seriously wrong, if u think this way. Um,  no these maniacs need to be gassed and made an example of, then maybe people would think twice before they did something. Or better yet wehrer are their parents at? What happened to them? Too many kids are having kids and no one is around to raise them. This just makes me sick. And I don’t give a crap about criminals rights. They lost all their rights once they choose to harm another person. This is what’s wrong with society, we think we have to baby them because they had a rough childhood.  Not! There are plenty of people who have had a rough childhood and u don’t see them killing and raping people. Lets grow a back bone people!

I am so discussed with Obama!  He is a liar and a hypocrite and a trader to our country. And if u voted for him than u are stupid! This country is going to hell in a hand basket.  He is going to make all of us poor and dependent upon the government.  He is taking away our rights and our hard earned money.  Its just mind blowing.  It makes me so angry!

Sorry i know have not written in a while been so busy. And now I ranting and raving! LOL. 🙂

No more Obama!!!

I just don’t get it! What’s Obama’s problem? Why is his answers for our countrys debt to always raise taxes? He acts like it is no big deal, that it does not matter if people can not afford more taxes or that small businesses would be crushed and more people would lose their jobs.

Is it not bad enough, that he lied to Americans about all the hidden taxes in is “death care “. He is single handedly tearing our country apart. He needs to be stopped! We need to speak out, we can’t be silent anymore.  If we are we just might find ourselves with no country. No republic. No rights. Living in a dictatorship.

I just can’t believe he has this much power.  Say no to Obama!  Say yes to ur freedom!

To be or not to be????

U know I was on the site “we the people ” I went their to check out the progress of the petitions of the states who want to secede, and I must say I was shocked.  49 of the states have petitions up and a lot   of them have the 25,000 signatures needed already.  Now this only means that the white house has to look at the petitions and respond. 
Do u really think that Obama will relinquish his power so willingly? I also ask u this, what happens when the states are denied? Where do they go from there? Is this not how the rebellion forces felt? Is this the beginning of the fall of America?  Would u or have u signed the petition in support of ur state, no ur country?
just some questions I have been thinking about, so i thought I would throw them out there to u too. What do u think?

Let’s get naked

Are u comfortable in ur own skin?  Do u sleep naked?
u know I think for the most part men seem to be more comfortable in their own skin. They walk around the house naked,eating a sandwich and scratching themselves. Now ladies, I am not suggesting that we do the same, and I am certainly not suggesting that we start scartching ourselves 🙂 however, I do think that there our benefits to sleeping in the nude. These are just from my own personal experience :
~you will never again wake up with ur nightshirt twisted around ur neck or the infamous one sock bandit.
~on those supper hot nights sleeping in the nude can help u cool off and sleep better.
~sleeping naked can actually help u become more comfortable in ur own skin.
now if these where not reasons enough, then maybe this next one will do it. Sleeping naked can actually lead to the best sex of ur life!  First of all, ur already naked so sex is more likely.  (Duh) 
According to research, sleeping naked with ur partner releases Oxytocin, which is a hormone that is released with skin- to-skin contact. So while ur sleeping ur constantly touching each other so ur releasing this hormone and it causes the body to feel relaxed, de-stressed, safe and most importantly TURNED ON!

As women, we have a lot going on in a single day. Kids, house chores, dinner etc. So when we do get a minute to our selves the last thing that’s on our mind is sex, right?  But slipping under those sheets with nothing but ur birthday suit on is going to create sexual feelings /thoughts. Think about it from ur hubby’s perspective, seeing u naked or just knowing that ur naked under those sheets is really erotic and a super turn on for them. It creates desire,  not just on his part but for u as well. Sleeping in the nude can break any disconnect or barriers that u might be having. It creates a new spice.

Sleeping nude can also reconnect ur bond. U know back to when u could not take ur hands of each other,the closer u feel the more sex u will have 🙂
Thus building a stronger and healthier marriage.  No, I’m not saying that u have sleep nude every night and have sex five times a day,unless u want too. But I am saying try it. Just try it a few times, I promise u won’t regret it.I guarantee that it will shock the hell out ur spouse and steam up the windows 🙂

Just one women’s opinion 🙂